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Laravel 5.1中的队列错误

I recently Created a job class by the command php artisan make:job --queued and I dispatched it from the controller and it worked fine , and I deleted it again because I don't need it anymore , and I already did an Event class for sending Emails and it's also queued (and worked fine before creating Job Class) the problem now when I trigger php artisan queue:listen I got this Error

No handler registered for command [__PHP_Incomplete_Class]

and everything was working fine before I created the job class So What's the problem ?Help me please Note: I use the database queue Driver

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    doufangyan6862 doufangyan6862 2015-10-26 16:54

    Yes I found it Thank You Sir really it was a pending job So What i did is to download a package that clears the queues from Github https://github.com/morrislaptop/laravel-queue-clear I hope it helps someone has the same problem

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