2015-09-25 18:35
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在类别页面上仅显示子类别(Opencart 2.0)

Is there a way, or an extension, in opencart that will modify the Category module so it only displays the current top level category page's sub-categories.

For example, if I am on the "Laptops & Desktops" category page, the sidebar module would only list the sub-categories associated with "Laptops & Desktops" category, such as "Macs" and "PCs" with the main heading "Laptops & Desktops" (And not list or show any of the other top level categories).

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  • duanjing4667 2015-09-26 01:43

    Download the modules from the link below and set the modules which will show Show only subcategories on category page.

    Show only subcategories on category page OpenCart 2.0 free module

    Taking your requirement into consideration you should disable Category module and activate "Only Sub-Categories"

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