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I currently have an application that loads the html header, navigation, and footer information into an html page using separate php includes.

I am trying to re-design the application so that it no longer is dependent upon php includes (so that I can port it to PhoneGap). I have been scouring for a solution that would allow me to get the same templating functionality, while shifting the php scripts solely to the server.

I have looked at a number of the Javascript Template Frameworks - ractive, moustache, handlebars, etc. But most of those seem only data focused - which is great for that purpose, and I may use one for later. But I am looking for something to provide the bones, not the attributes. Also, each of those seems to have routing/url/seo limitations.

I have also tried some of the frameworks like Meteor, Ember, Express, and Sails but they will require a lot of additional coding to get to the same functionality I currently have - but they have the ability to define application level templating/includes. Slim Framework seems to be closest (and maybe coupling it with Twig ), but before I commit I wanted to get some feedback/option.

Is there a better way to do this?? And if so with what? And maybe even how?? Thanks all in advance for your feedback!

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  • duanjing4623 duanjing4623 6年前

    After looking through a number of the solutions, I feel that using jquery with handlebars. will actually be the best solution. It does not allow me to do exactly what I'd like to do, but it is close.

    I will keep the module pages as separate html files in a templates folder and then inject the moustache modules into the container page using jquery ajax and/or .load.

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