2015-08-30 06:30
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uncaught语法错误意外令牌= in chrome for bigpipe.js [关闭]

I am using bigpipe.js method to my website for displaying newsfeed.It is working fine in all the browsers except google chrome.In chrome its showing 'uncaught syntaxerror unexpected token = ' error.Please help me to rectify this error.

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我在我的网站上使用bigpipe.js方法来显示新闻源。它在除谷歌之外的所有浏览器中都运行正常 chrome.In chrome显示'uncaught syntaxerror unexpected token ='error.Please帮我纠正这个错误。

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  • dqwyghl0649 2015-08-30 07:41

    do it like that

    function photoPopUp(aid,im_type,im_cat){
        if (typeof(im_cat) === undefined) im_cat = 0
        // your code here
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