2015-08-25 16:17
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CakePHP 3 Filestorage插件触发ImageProcessingListener以删除版本

I have two tables

ProductStylesTable.php and ProductStyleImagesTable.php which extends ImageStorageTable which is connect to my FileStorage Table in my sql that was created with the migration tool.

Upload works fine.

// ProductStylesController.php 

 public function upload($product_style_id = null) {
      $this->ProductStyles->ProductStyleImages->upload( $product_style_id, $entity)


class ProductStyleImagesTable extends ImageStorageTable { 

//initialize code...

 public function upload($product_style_id, $entity) {

    $entity = $this->patchEntity($entity, [
        'adapter' => 'Local',
        'model' => 'ProductStyles',
        'foreign_key' => $product_style_id,
    return $this->save($entity);


Awesome, ProductStyleImages is listening for the upload method and places it in the appropriate folder. I was hoping this would work the same for delete.

So I called


  //In my ProductStyleImagesTable.php
  public function delete($fileStorageID = null) {

    //deleting the row, hoping for ImageProcessingListener to pick it up?
    $FileStorageTable = TableRegistry::get('FileStorage');
    $query = $FileStorageTable->query();
        ->where(['id' => $fileStorageID ])


I get an error that delete must be compatible with the interface. So to avoid this conflict I renamed my function to 'removeImage'. It works in removing the row but the Listener isn't picking it up. I looked in ImageStorageTable.php and FileStorageTable.php. I see the afterDelete methods. But i'm unsure how to trigger them since i'm unsure how to configure my delete methods to match the interface.

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  • duan198727 2015-08-27 17:48

    I deleted wrong, it is this way

    $entity = $this->get($fileStorageID);
    $result = $this->delete($entity);
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