2015-07-24 09:23
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如何在PDO MySQL中回显字符串?

I want php to echo string of text - a zone of the country from the database, but PDO does not want to spit out anything but arrays.

$sendToCountryCode = $_POST['sendToCountry'];

$sqlGetSendToCountryZone= "SELECT zone FROM table WHERE code = :country";
$stmtGetSendToCountryZone = $conn->prepare($sqlGetSendToCountryZone);
$stmtGetSendToCountryZone->bindParam(':country', $sendToCountryCode, PDO::PARAM_STR);
$stmtGetSendToCountryZone->execute(array(':country' => $sendToCountryCode));

$sendToCountryZone = $stmtGetSendToCountryZone->fetch();
echo 'send to country code: ', $sendToCountryZone ,'<br>';

Google is not strong with me today

Notice: Array to string conversion in .... on line 10

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