2015-05-24 22:26
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在记事本++中突出显示“<?php” - “?>”里面的“<html>” - “</ html>”? [重复]

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   This is file is called "example.php".<br>
   <?php print "=== This is printed by a php 'print' statement<br>"; ?>
   This text is after the embedded php.

When either of the html tags, its mate is found, and both are given a distinctive color. But the php tags don't find their mates, and don't get highlighted. How can I get that behavior?

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  • dt246813579 2015-05-24 22:53
    1. Save your file in .php extention in notepad ++.
    2. If that does not sort the problem download the latest version of notepad++ from here.

    Here : it works see :) -

    enter image description here

    Let me know if anyother issues :)

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