PHP mvc路由问题与链接

I'm just beginning with PHP, and started with YouTube tutorial about mvc. All went well, but when I started to develop my own application I encountered a problem with routing (I think).

My base application has URL: localhost/mvc/public/.

With the tutorial I created a class which starts a default home controller and index action when those are not specified. So localhost/mvc/public/ is equivalent to localhost/mvc/public/home/index.

In my view I have:

<p>You need to <a href="profile/login">log in</a> or <a href="profile/register">register</a></p>

So when I start with url localhost/mvc/public/ and then click on a link, it goes to localhost/mvc/public/profile/login and everything works fine. But if I write url localhost/mvc/public/home/index and then click a link I go to localhost/mvc/public/home/profile/index which obviously doesn't work. So my question is - how to solve this problem?

If someone is interested, I can post my code.

2015/03/09 19:50
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