2015-03-03 18:44
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The beginTransaction function in php does not return false when the database is not using the myISAM engine by default, or if tables are using myISAM instead of InnoDB.

How, then, can you error handle when this occurs?

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默认情况下,当数据库未使用myISAM引擎时,php中的beginTransaction函数不返回false 正在使用myISAM而不是InnoDB。


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  • douningqiu4991 2015-03-03 20:02

    I found this link where I can query the database and see if the table is myisam or innodb...but i don't know if thats the best solution. I would have to check before every query if the table is myisam or innodb. How do I find if my a table is MyISAM or Innodb

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