2015-02-06 07:16
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Magento ver。价格是黑客入侵

I am using Magento ver. Some Hackers are hacking the website. They are decreasing the price 96% at evening and users are purchasing the item at cheaper price. I am not able to figure out magento security threads. Please suggestion me how can stop this hack.

Is there SQL Injection? Any Script? Bot attack?

Please suggest the solution.

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我正在使用Magento ver。。 一些黑客正在攻击该网站。 他们在晚上将价格降低了96%,并且用户以更便宜的价格购买该商品。 我无法弄清楚magento安全线程。 请告诉我如何阻止这种黑客攻击。

是否有SQL注入? 任何脚本? 攻击?

请建议解决方案。< / p>

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  • duanruanxian5028 2015-03-02 13:17

    Magento has Promotion Rules. I have created the Promotional rule for shopping cart and then i directly deleted it before disabled. So when user register with store. He is getting discount.

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