2015-01-31 14:11
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using DW CS6, I have a dynamic table in admin_inquiry.php, which displays rows of records. One of which is the Contact No, which is a link.

<td><a href="admin_sms.php?ContactNo=<?php echo $row_ContactUs['ContactNo'];?>">Send SMS</a></td>

When that is clicked, it goes to a new page, admin_sms.php, and it displays the corresponding contact no in a textfield.

<input name='number' type='text' id="number" value="<?php if(isset($_GET['ContactNo'])){echo $_GET['ContactNo'];}else{echo "";}?>">

My problem is, I also want to display the 'message' along with the 'ContactNo' in a textarea,kinda like what is displayed when sending emails,you can see the message and sender at the top. But also show only the 'ContactNo' on a separate textfield. How do I achieve that?

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  • donglu8344812 2015-02-01 03:42

    Here's how to do it with jQuery:

    $("a").click(function() {
        var message = $("#msg").val();
        this.href += '&message=' + encodeURIComponent(message);

    Then in the admin_sms.php script, you use $_GET['message'] to get the message to send.

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