2015-01-16 14:48



I plan to use PHP to connect to 2 remote servers. One is a MySQL database. The other one is a Job Queue server.

For every Job that I push to the Job Queue server, I want to ensure that (exactly) 1 record is inserted into the MySQL DB. I want to ensure that the MySQL DB records and the Job Queue tasks execution are 100% in sync.

Since both are remote servers, I am worried that sometimes there may be connection problem to one of the servers (or both).

In my PHP application, how can I ensure that 2 remote operations complete successfully, and rollback all operations if 1 of the remote operations fails? Is there any programming best practices that I should follow for this kind of scenario?

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  • doulian7305 doulian7305 6年前

    This sounds like a pretty basic AND use case. Since you're in PHP, you're not worried about asyncronous calls or timeout waits. To pseudocode it:

    Start Transaction1
        ... do stuff... //transaction 1 still open, no commit
    Start Transaction2
        ... do more stuff...
    If (Transaction1 success && Transaction2 success) {
        commit Transaction1
        commit Transaction2
    } else {
        rollback Transaction1
        rollback Transaction2
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