2015-01-06 21:01
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I have PHPUnit set up in my PHPStorm project. I've referenced the PHPUnit phar file and have a PHP executable linked to my PHPStorm run configuration. My directory structure looks like:


In my ClassTest.php file, I reference the other two files with:

require_once (__DIR__ . "../vendor/phpunit.phar");
require_once (__DIR__ . "../classes/Class.php");

I get the following error when I run my test:

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 

It seems like the PHP parser isn't correctly parsing the up one directory ../ command.

Why is this happening?

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我在PHPStorm项目中设置了PHPUnit。 我引用了PHPUnit phar文件并将PHP可执行文件链接到我的PHPStorm运行配置。 我的目录结构如下所示:


在我的 ClassTest.php 文件中,我用以下内容引用其他两个文件:

  require_once(__DIR __。“.. / vendor / phppunit.phar”); 
require_once(__DIR__。“../ classes /Class.php”); 


'C:\ Users \ me \ PhpstormProjects \ myproject \  lib \ tests ../ vendor / phpunit.phar'

好像PHP解析器没有正确解析上一个目录 ../ 命令。


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  • doujiu8918 2015-01-06 22:06

    First of all: this line is not needed (at all) as PHPUnit will already be loaded at that time.

    require_once (__DIR__ . "../vendor/phpunit.phar");

    Secondly: __DIR__ constant in PHP does not contain trailing slash. When used in require/include statements (and other places when building full file path) you have to add it yourself.

    In your particular case it has to be (note / before ..):

    require_once (__DIR__ . "/../classes/Class.php");
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