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WordPress高级自定义字段 - 使用数组中的选择字段和修改数组元素

I'm working on a WordPress website. I am using the ACF Pro plugin. I have a select field and I want to assign a second value to each option. The first value is being used as a heading. The second is a percentage figure (at the moment just a string). This will be used as a label as well as a data-percentage value. I cant get the select values to work with my array. Here is my code.

 <h4>Qualification: <?php echo $array_test; ?></h4>

And then the array;

            $myArray = array('$array_tests');
            $myArray[0]= '20%';
            $myArray[1]= '40%';
            $myArray[2]= '60%';
            $myArray[3]= '80%';
            $myArray[4]= '100%';

            echo "<h1> Test:";  
            echo $myArray;
            echo "<h1>";                    


And finally using the modified array's output as a data-percentage;

<div class="skillbar clearfix" data-percent="<?php echo $myArray ?>%">
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