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Paypal REST API返回页面

I'm currently using the Paypal REST API to process billing agreements for users with multiple plans.

When a user signs up for a plan, it takes them to PayPal to pay. After they finish that step, PayPal redirects them to a return URL that I have supplied.

The problem is, sometimes the user's session does not persist when they return from PayPal!

I have session_start() as the first line in all of my files, so the sessions are being created. I have verified, before taking the user to PayPal, that the $_SESSION array is being populated - it's just when they are brought back after PayPal.

Is there a better way to persist data like that so I can update a users account on return back from PayPal? Or maybe there is a way to pass the email with the PayPalrequest so that it is returned in the object they send back to my website on return?

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我目前正在使用Paypal REST API处理具有多个计划的用户的结算协议。 \ n

当用户注册计划时,需要PayPal付款。 完成该步骤后,PayPal会将它们重定向到我提供的返回URL。

问题是,有时用户的会话在返回时不会保留 来自PayPal!

我将 session_start()作为我所有文件的第一行,因此正在创建会话 。 在将用户带到PayPal之前,我已经验证了 $ _ SESSION 数组正在填充 - 只是在PayPal之后将它们带回来。

是否有更好的方法来保存这样的数据,以便我可以在从PayPal返回时更新用户帐户? 或者也许有一种方法可以通过PayPalrequest传递电子邮件,以便在返回时发送回我的网站的对象中返回它?

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