2015-02-11 12:05



I want to convert {=(PRODUCT(1 + A2:A85) )} into PHP or JavaScript. I've searched google for "array excel formulas", but I could not find right result. How do I convert {=(PRODUCT(1 + A2:A85) )}? I have array for the A2:A85 range. My array is like this:

var abc_array={2,3,4,5,67,7,8.........}. 
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  • douweiduo7526 douweiduo7526 6年前

    this is not tested but should work, im not the best at php so maybe someone could clean this up a little:

    function product($array)
      $cons = $array[0];
        foreach($array as $num)
            $cons = ($cons*$num);
      return $cons;

    Edit: just read @Eclecticist comment I missed the +1, but this shows as invalid if I try in Excel can you give some more info on what that does?

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