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Currently I have a list of string like this

"banana、xx、tyu、fdg dfgdf、dfgfdgd、dfdfg、dfgdg 、cvbcvb", dfdgd
sdfs. 2te. 459,202'   dfg/ dfg, bvn, bn, wqe。uyo.
yuo, "yuouy、yuoy、jlkj、nmj , tryrt、346,457、gh、325352 、fghfg"

When I use this RegEx : /[^\pL\pN\\]+/u, the output would be like :

 banana xx tyu fdg dfgdf dfgfdgd dfdfg dfgdg cvbcvb dfdgd sdfs 2te 459 202 dfg dfg bvn bn wqe uyo yuo yuouy yuoy jlkj nmj tryrt 346 457 gh 325352 fghfg 

In this RegEx it will chop all special characters in the string. What do I want is just not to separate the 459,202 and 346,547 .How can I modify the RegEx to make it not remove , between characters like 123,124 or afd,151 ?

The online example:https://www.regex101.com/r/xA7xE8/1

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  • dongying6896 dongying6896 6年前

    You could use the non-word boundary \B. \B matches between two non-word characters or two word characters. \b matches between a word character and a non-word character.



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