douji1077 2015-01-31 01:49
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I'm sending an entire form, about 8 fields, along with my AJAX data object, one of which is a serialized string:

var fields = $(this).serialize();

var data = { 
    nonce: Nonce,
    fields: fields

Now within PHP I cannot understand how to get each field value from the $_POST object correctly.

$test = $_POST['field'];

Is the full string and sends back to JS a properly formatted JSON object. But how do I break up the serialized string correctly in PHP?

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  • dongquweng5152 2015-01-31 02:15

    The string will be encoded, so you will have to do that with url_decode. Here is a function that I used to build a workable object out of the string.

        function urldecode_to_obj($str) {
            $str = trim($str, '"');
            // explode string before decoding
            foreach (explode('&', $str) as $chunk) {
                $param = explode("=", $chunk);
                if ($param) {
                    // search string for array elements and look for key-name if exists
                    preg_match('#\[(.+?)\]$#', urldecode($param[0]), $with_key);
                    preg_match('#\[\]$#', urldecode($param[0]), $no_key);
                    $mkey = preg_split('/\[/', urldecode($param[0]));
                    // converts to array elements with numeric key
                    if ($no_key) {
                        $data[$mkey[0]][] = urldecode($param[1]);
                    // converts to array elements with named key
                    if ($with_key) {
                        $data[$mkey[0]][$with_key[1]] = urldecode($param[1]);
                    if (!$no_key && !$with_key) {
                        $data[urldecode($param[0])] = urldecode($param[1]);
            return (object)$data;
    $str = "serialized_string";
    $obj = urldecode_to_obj($str);

    Your variables with values are now in the object. If you have a var1 variable in there with a value1:

    $obj -> var1 = "value1";

    You can also get thins back as an array. Just omit the (object) casting and return the data in t\he function as:

    return $data;

    If you want to return things to your JS then you should echo them out as an array and use json_encode:

    $array = array("success" => true);
    echo json_encode($array);
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