2014-12-19 12:04
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PHP Soap - SOAP-ERROR:编码:对象没有'checkConnectivityRequest'属性

I'm having a problem getting a particular SOAP call to work -most of them work fine, but this one is giving me a headache.

The WSDL is http://fibre.venus.ispwebhost.com/FibreClassTest/colt.wsdl, and the request I am generating is:

        $result = $soap->checkConnectivity(
        array('checkConnectivityRequest' =>
                'requestType' => 'SITE',
                'requestMode' => array(
                    'requestId' => date("Ymdhis"),
                    'siteAddress' => array(
                        'postalZipCode'     => $this->postcode,    
                        'connectivityType' => 'COLT FIBRE',
                        'bandwidth' => '2M',


However I'm getting a SOAP error back (which I believe means it's not even passing it to the web service), so not sure if I'm mis-reading the WSDL?


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