2014-11-17 20:35
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I am trying to submit a form from bash:

curl -X POST  --data-urlencode "login=123456" --data-urlencode "password=123"
 --data-urlencode "returnUrl=/Katalog/SekceCsv/846?katalog=501" http://xy.com/user/Login


Object moved to here.

I submit the form data to the /user/Login script and after a successful login the script redirects me to the value declared in "returnUrl". Maybe this is the point where curl fails to get response what I want (it is a csv file) from the "returnUrl".

What I found on Google: I need to enable follow redirect option with -L:

curl -X POST  -L --data-urlencode "login=123456" --data-urlencode "password=123"
 --data-urlencode "returnUrl=/Katalog/SekceCsv/846?katalog=501" http://xy.com/user/Login


Length Required. HTTP Error 411. The request must be chunked or have a content length.

I can't find any more info how to resolve this problem.

I tried to create a simple html file with the form:

<form method="post" id="LoginForm" action="http://xy.com/user/Login">

          <input type="hidden" value="/Katalog/SekceCsv/846?katalog=501" name="returnUrl" id="returnUrl">
          <input type="text" value="" style="width:150px;" name="login" id="login">
          <input type="password" style="width:150px;" name="heslo" id="heslo">

          <input type="submit">

This is working, when I press submit, I get the csv file what I needed.

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  • duanmu2941 2014-11-17 21:18

    Is it working like that ?

    curl -dL "login=123456&password=123&returnUrl=/Katalog/SekceCsv/846?katalog=501" http://xy.com/user/Login


    After reading your comments, I think you are trying something weird.

    If you have a login page and another page to get, you should have 2 curl commands. You can use cookies to keep track of the successfull login.

    Something like :

    curl -X POST -L -b /tmp/c -c /tmp/c -d "login=123456&password=123" http://xy.com/user/Login
    curl -X POST -L -b /tmp/c -c /tmp/c -d "returnUrl=/Katalog/SekceCsv/846?katalog=501" http://xy.com/user/

    Just some assumptions...

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