2014-10-13 10:57
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如何在Cakephp 1.3中自定义查询

I want to write some custom query in cakephp 1.3.17

I write the following in the function in the Users controller

$arrayTemp =array();
$arrayTemp = $this->Users->query('SELECT * FROM ht_users Where id=$id');

but its getting the following error in the page

Error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object    
File: D:\xamp\htdocs\devworks\app\Controller\UsersController.php    
Line: 1478

Line:1478 means it indicate -> $arrayTemp = $this->Users->query('SELECT * FROM ht_users Where id=$id ');

how I can execute a custome query here plz help

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  • dongshang1529 2014-10-13 11:38

    As Your Model name is User so you need to write custom query as below.

    $arrayTemp =array();
    $id='1'; // For example. $id is whatever id you're receiving here
    $arrayTemp = $this->User->query("SELECT * FROM ht_users Where id = '$id'");

    Now you can pr($post) in your function.ctp file. If this code is written in index() function then try to print in index.ctp likewise.

    Please try with above code, Let me know if still any issues.

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