2014-10-01 14:35
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i'm trying to make a litle search action for one of my Model. My Model Salarie was associated with some other models, in particular :

  • Salarie -> hasMany -> Permission
  • Salarie -> hasOne -> Carburant

So i try to make a find() on my Model Salarie to select records that match a keyword. This keyword can by found in my model Salarie, or in associated model Permission, Carburant.

Here is my actual find() :

    $salaries = $this->Salarie->find('all',array(
        'contain' => array(
                'Salarie.nom LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.prenom LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.secu LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.tel LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.mobile LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.ville LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Salarie.email LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',
                'Carburant.numero LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%',

This code works but doesn't looks into Permission table/model, if i add this line 'Permission.login LIKE' => '%'.$keyWord.'%', in my conditions array i got a error

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'Permission.login' in 'where clause'

I've try with contain but it's not what i looking for, contain filters datas into the results of the find.

if someone got a tips ?

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  • douyao5533 2014-10-01 15:00

    SQL joins are only done by hasOne and belongsTo associations, not for hasMany and HABTM. You can use Linkable plugin to filter records based on conditions for hasMany associations.

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  • douhan8430 2014-10-01 20:31

    i've found something that solve my problem.

         'group' => 'Salarie.nom',
                        'Salarie.id = Permission.salarie_id',

    if i had this code to my find the SQL query works great. I just have to GROUP BY to avoid double result.

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