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I have a generator.yml file in the backend folder, the config in the generator file is:


  actions: ~
    title: Send Email
    display: [subject, Body, email_Type_id, user_id]

    display: [id, subject, Body, email, user_id]

The email_id and user_id was foreign key in the message table and primary key in (email table, user table), and it show in the fields the id but i want to let it show the user of the id that related to the message so i need to JOIN! how i will make it?

subject->Hello, Body->Hi iam.., Email_Type_id->1, User_id->8

In the email_id and user_id i want to show the user_name with the id 5 and in the email_type_id I want to show the type with id 1

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    doubi1818 doubi1818 2014-07-24 18:56

    The only way to do it is add the join in your model in a new getter and reference the getter in your generator config.

    public function getUser_name()
        return $this->User->getName();
    public function getEmail_type_name()
        return $this->Email_type->getName();

    Then in your generator:

    display: [subject, body, email_type_name, user_name]
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