2014-07-12 08:30



I have installed XAMPP when run localhost/phpmyadmin. It displays token mismatch.

I followed some posts related my issue in stackoverflow, but still i can't correct it.

What i did: In php.ini ;session.save_path = "N;/path""/tmp" these edited to session.save_path = "/tmp" and clear cookies and restart. but still i can't get it.

My page look like this, please see this link:

Please help me..

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  • dongshengyin0147 dongshengyin0147 7年前

    Just saw the Image The Port 80 is being used by any other existing application.

    So, Either change the port for that application or

    How to change the mysql port for xampp?

    1. Stop the xampp server, if it is already running.
    2. Edit the value to "port" in xampp/mysql/bin/my.ini

      port = 3306=>3307 socket="/ xampp / mysql / mysql.sock"

    and here also Code:

    The MySQL server

    [ mysqld ] 
    port =  3306=>3307
    socket =  "/ xampp / mysql / mysql.sock"
    1. Start mysql service
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