2014-07-10 10:24

ion_auth无法在主机上运行(CI 2.1.3 + MX HMVC + Ion_auth 2.5.2)


I developed a site using Codeigniter 2.1.3 + MX HMVC + ion_auth 2.5.2. its work fine in local server (xampp) but when i upload it to the hosting site its not working & surprisingly so error also.

I was autoload ion_auth but now i remove ion_auth from autoload. now when i try to load mysite/auth its empty. i tried this answer but sitll no luck .

Please someone help me. . i stuck in this last two days.

My hosting site is ( frontend is ok but when i try to login is empty...

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  • dongyong3590 dongyong3590 7年前

    First make sure display_errors is on in your php.ini and make sure you have error_reporting set to the correct level.

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