2014-06-11 11:05
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I am looking for a way to fetch windows username and password, to log in into LDAP with those credentials.

This code will be on a company's Intranet, so everyone must automatically login. That login must be made with each person's Windows Credentials.

I have searched throught the internet, but didn't find any relevant information, or any that would work properly.

I am using Windows Xp (Don't know if that matters).


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此代码将在公司的Intranet上,因此每个人都必须自动登录。 必须使用每个人的Windows凭证进行登录。

我已经在互联网上搜索过,但没有找到任何相关信息或任何可以正常使用的信息。 \ n

我使用的是Windows Xp(不知道是否重要)。


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  • doushiposong30622 2014-06-11 11:18

    Php is server side and its impossible to access any client side info with it. You can use javascript to send data to php but you cant access any windows related credentials with it.

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