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Is there any way in PHP to read a php source file which contains one or more classes and then create a prototype class (similar to interface)

Original class looks like this:

class Math {

    private $a;
    private $b;

    public function set_a($a) {
        $this -> a = $a;

    public function set_b($b) {
        $this -> b = $b;

    public function sum() {
        return $a + $b;


The prototype file must look like this:

class Math {

    public function set_a($a) { }

    public function set_b($b) { }

    public function sum() { }


I want to do this dynamically by reading the class files at runtime and generating prototype classes. Is there any library in PHP through which I can read class meta information from file without including.

EDIT: I need to create a PHP file listing all prototype classes. The reason is that I have created a PHAR file for my library. And whenever I need to use any code from within the PHAR file i just include it using the following syntax.


But the problem is that the code hints and intelli-sense does not work. I am using zend studio. So I thought, if I create a single file with all prototype classes and then include into new project then code hinting will work.

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  • duanjue6584 duanjue6584 8年前

    If your coding style guarantees that you'll never break the arguments of a function declaration over multiple lines, you can hack a prototype generator pretty easily by selecting lines that match the following patterns (and correcting the braces as needed):

    /^class /
    /^\s*(\w+)?\s*function\b/   # Must append a closing } to each line matching this

    You could rig a PHP script to do all this, but if you've got the Unix tools in your environment, the above is a few characters away from being a complete sed script.

    Here it is embedded in a PHP script, as requested (not tested):

    $fp = fopen("source.php");
    while (($line = fgets($fp)) !== false) {
        if (preg_match("/^class |^}/", $line))
            print $line;
        elif (preg_match('/^\s*(\w+)?\s*function\b/', $line))
            print rtrim($line) . " }

    Adapt/extend as needed for your coding style.

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