2013-05-16 18:47

远程连接到SQL Server 2008 R2


This question might fit better on Serverfault, but I'm not sure where the actual problems are so I'll start asking here.

I've just installed a Windows Server 2012 with SQL server 2008 R2 SP1. We usually monitor our SQL Servers from a php script testing connections and such, but I cannot connect to this specific server. The errorlog says "Reason: Could not find a login matching the name provided" but when copy/pasting the exact same username/password into Management Studio on the local server or a remote server everything works. I think it is because the 2012 OS, but not entirely sure and hope that anyone can give me some pointers.

There are no firewalls between the Server running the SQL and the server doing the monitoring and remote connections are allowed. The tested users all have permission to connect to the database engine, login enabled and any password policies disabled.

The PHP version is 5.3.3, I'm using freeTDS and protocolversion 8.0. Lastly this is all configuration options relating to mssql in php.ini

mssql mssql.allow_persistent => On 
mssql.batchsize => 0 
mssql.charset => no value 
mssql.compatability_mode => Off 
mssql.connect_timeout => 5 
mssql.datetimeconvert => On  
mssql.max_links => Unlimited  
mssql.max_persistent => Unlimited 
mssql.max_procs => Unlimited 
mssql.min_error_severity => 10 
mssql.secure_connection => Off 
mssql.textlimit => Server default 
mssql.textsize => Server default
mssql.timeout => 60
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