2012-10-09 04:00
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使用jQuery / AJAX发布和验证PHP数组

I have a form that I am trying to post to php using jQuery ajax, and it needs to be validated first.

The field looks like this:

<select name="inquirymodule[]" id="inquirymodule[]">
<option value="" selected>Select an Inquiry Module</option>
<option value="1">Module 1</option>

Additional selectors can be added with jQuery to allow as many selections to be made as needed, and all values posted in the inquirymodule variable.

I have read elsewhere that I think I can post this variable using the value


But I have validation running on the select, to make sure something is selected before it is submitted. Prior to making this an array variable, this worked:

jQuery('#inquirymodule').bind('change', function (event) {

However I know that adding '[]' to the variable name will break the javascript here.

Any advice?

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  • duanchuang3182 2012-10-09 05:18

    You can use the selector :


    To bind the change event to all inquirymodule elements :

               //code here
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  • dtc66318 2012-10-09 04:30

    Please remove the [] from id, then try the validation.

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