2013-09-30 23:39
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I recently purchased a PHP script for my website. The software is working very well except when I try to upload images or videos (built in function). After I upload an image using the website script, the result is "broken image" icon in place of the picture. When you try to click on the image, the resulting link is:

http ://*Upload Source Directory* \07172364.largeThumb.b.jpg&w=100&sq=Y&b=Y

After doing some research, I found some articles that state the php.ini needs to dictate how the php script handles image uploads. Upon looking at my php.ini file, the only line is:

session.save_path = "/home/<directory>/public_html/tmp"

session.use_only_cookies = on

I cannot find any information on what lines of coding need to be in my php.ini file in order to handle file uploads.

My questions are:

1) Am I looking in the right direction for solving this problem?

2) Is there a standard script that should be included in my php.ini in order to handle file uploads.

Thank you.

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