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PHP扩展无法在Windows Azure上运行

I have just set up a Windows Azure website and I'm already having trouble making it work. I have a PHP-website which works local on IIS for Windows 7 + MSSQL 2008.

The extension needed is pdo_xsl.dll and I have uploaded it using FTP to the wwwroot\bin folder.

Next, I have added the 'app settings'-string: PHP_EXTENSIONS = bin\php_xsl.dll in the Configuration tab for this site.

Then I saved and restarted the website but still got this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'XSLTprocessor' not found

Although the PHP INFO says:

XSL                                         enabled
libxslt Version                             1.1.27
libxslt compiled against libxml Version     2.7.8
EXSLT                                       enabled
libexslt Version                            0.8.16 

I also use the URL method:

It seems that Windows Azure is now seeing index.php as a directory instead of a file. As I'm using this method all over this script and it does work on IIS7 I would say it would work on IIS for Azure...

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我刚刚设置了一个Windows Azure网站,我已经无法使其正常工作。 我有一个 PHP网站在IIS上为Windows 7 + MSSQL 2008本地工作。

所需的扩展名是pdo_xsl.dll,我已经使用FTP将其上传到wwwroot \ bin文件夹。

接下来,我在此站点的“配置”选项卡中添加了“app settings”字符串: PHP_EXTENSIONS = bin \ php_xsl.dll \ n




XSL enabled 
libxslt Version 1.1.27 
libexslt Version 0.8.16 


似乎Windows Azure现在将index.php视为目录 一个文件。 因为我在这个脚本上使用这个方法并且它在IIS7上工作,我会说它可以在IIS上用于Azure ...

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  • dqxafj6830 2014-03-03 11:30

    I have already solved this problem on my own. The solution is quite simpel actually...

    In 'App Settings' add this: PHP_EXTENSIONS on the left side. bin/php_xsl.dll on the right side. PHP_EXTENSIONS = bin/php_xsl.dll

    So it needs the forward slash instead of the backslash.

    Please notice that the XSL dll files are not working on any PHP version. The current version is only working on 5.4 and for every php version you can find another dll-file. 5.5 does not have it's xsl dll as far as I know for now. Just as pdo_sqlsrv.dll btw.

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