2013-09-23 14:34

PHP扩展无法在Windows Azure上运行

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I have just set up a Windows Azure website and I'm already having trouble making it work. I have a PHP-website which works local on IIS for Windows 7 + MSSQL 2008.

The extension needed is pdo_xsl.dll and I have uploaded it using FTP to the wwwroot\bin folder.

Next, I have added the 'app settings'-string: PHP_EXTENSIONS = bin\php_xsl.dll in the Configuration tab for this site.

Then I saved and restarted the website but still got this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'XSLTprocessor' not found

Although the PHP INFO says:

XSL                                         enabled
libxslt Version                             1.1.27
libxslt compiled against libxml Version     2.7.8
EXSLT                                       enabled
libexslt Version                            0.8.16 

I also use the URL method:

It seems that Windows Azure is now seeing index.php as a directory instead of a file. As I'm using this method all over this script and it does work on IIS7 I would say it would work on IIS for Azure...

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