2013-09-03 11:29

从Youtube视频评论页面获取所有用户ID /作者


As the title says I want to get all the users ids who posted a comment on specific Youtube videos. I have looked all over for something like this, the Youtube data API comes close but I can only get it to pick up the comments and not the user it came from. The other method I've looked at doing is using greasemonkey + jquery to get them but jquery doesn't run on Youtube properly and alot of javascript functions don't either. Can anyone suggest a way this can be done?

Here is part of a script I was testing in greasemonkey:

var elem = document.getElementsByClassName('author')[1];
var mystring = elem.nextSibling;
var mynewString = mystring.innerHtml;

document.getElementById('google-cookie-alert').innerHTML = mynewString;

But it comes back undefined.

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  • dongyang4615 dongyang4615 8年前

    Here you go. This will log out all the usernames for each of the commenters displayed.

    var elements = document.getElementsByClassName("author");
    for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++){
        if(elements[i].children.length > 0)
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