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I have a POST Rest API that has a parameter that is called $arrProducts. The parameter should be an array. But the value that is sent to the API is not an array, but a string, with the form of an array.

Let me give an example of the string parameter that is passed:

"$arrProducts = array(array("product_id"=>'79',"qty"=>2,"options" =>array("525"=>'')),array("product_id"=>'41',"qty"=>3),"options"=>array("195"=>'')));"

This parameter even though it looks like an array is not. It is a string. So I tried to make it more like an array.

$stringVar = $_POST['arrProducts'];
$str = rtrim($stringVar, ";"); //To lose the semicolon at the end of the string
$arrProducts = substr($str, 15); // To lose the first part of the string "$arrProducts = " to make it formatted exactly like an array.

So after this I ended up with the pure array form "array(array("product_id"=>'79',"qty"=>2,"options" =>array("525"=>'')),array("product_id"=>'41',"qty"=>3),"options"=>array("195"=>'')))"

And now my question is how can I convert this string to an array?

OK listen what I did was to first change the way the data was trasmitted to the Rest API. I used json_encode. Then In my Rest API i grabbed the Data using json_decode.

Now here is the new issue I have. The format of the arrProducts is as follows. I have a problem parsing the json_decode thought.

$product_id = "45";
        $qty = 20;
        $option_type_id_for_option_id_151 = '826';
        $option_type_id_for_option_id_124 = '657,658,';
        $option_type_id_for_option_id_126 = 'Test for field option';

    $arrProducts = array(
            "product_id" => $product_id,
            "qty" => $qty,
            "options" => array(         
                "151" => $option_type_id_for_option_id_151,
                "124" => $option_type_id_for_option_id_124,
                '126' => $option_type_id_for_option_id_126
            "product_id" => '60',
            "qty" => '1',
            "options" => array(         
                "156" => '862',
                "167" => '899',
                "168" => '902',
                "159" => '877',
                "160" => '889,890,891,'
            "product_id" => '58',
            "qty" => '1',
            "options" => array(         
                "174" => '938',
                "176" => '943',
                "178" => ''


The problem is with the way I will parse the data using json_decode: Here is what I wrote but for some reason there is a problem in the options array.

$stringVar = $_POST['arrProducts'];
$arrProductsVar = json_decode($stringVar, TRUE);
$i = 0;
        $arrProducts = array();
        if ($arrProductsVar !== NULL)

            foreach ($arrProductsVar['arrProducts'] as $arrProduct){
                $options = array();
                foreach($arrProduct['options'] as $key => $val){
                     $options[$key] = $val;

                $arrProducts[$i] = array('product_id' => $arrProduct['product_id'],'qty' => $arrProduct['qty'], 'options' => $options);


Can anyone see any classic error in this code? Cause it is not working for some reason. Probably due to the $options array. I think it is not formatted well.

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  • dongyue9864 dongyue9864 8年前

    Simply do this

    $arrProducts = array("arrProducts"=>array(whatever));
    $dataToPost = json_encode($arrProducts);

    Now in your REST code,

    $stringVar = $_POST['arrProducts'];
    $arrProducts = json_decode($stringVar);

    so $arrProducts contains your data in array format

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  • dongxingguo1978 dongxingguo1978 8年前

    If you have to pass the array as a string, I would suggest you use php's json_encode and json_decode methods to pass a JSON string on the REST route, but have an array where you need it.

    Updated based on changes to question:

    You have this line in your code

    foreach ($arrProductsVar['arrProducts'] as $arrProduct){

    However the code that you use to describe the array format will not create an arrProducts key in the $arrProductsVar


    foreach ($arrProductsVar as $arrProduct){
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