2018-03-18 15:26
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PHP。 读取后,Echo不能在无限循环中工作

I'm trying write simple script which will work from console, but I ran into a problem. Echo in my case does not work. But when I delete the line: readline ('Command:'), it starts working as expected, so I tried to replace echo with print_r, but that did not help. I launch a script from the Windows console.

while (true){
    $input = readline('Command: ');
    $input = strtolower($input);
    echo $input;                    //don't work
    switch ($input){
        case 'stop':
        case '1':
            echo 1;                //don't work
            echo 'Command ' . $input . ' not found.';  //don't work
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  • douhun8647 2018-03-18 15:35

    From the user comments on the documentation - ...

    The readline library is not available on Windows.

    if (PHP_OS == 'WINNT') {
      echo '$ ';
      $line = stream_get_line(STDIN, 1024, PHP_EOL);
    } else {
      $line = readline('$ ');

    So try

      echo 'Command: ';
      $input = stream_get_line(STDIN, 1024, PHP_EOL);

    As has been pointed out, as of PHP 7.1, this function is available on Windows, but prior to that it looks as though you can do the above.

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