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PHP7 register_tick_function / declare只影响它声明的文件?

PHP7 register_tick_function / declare affects only file it is declared in? I used to profile in php 5.6< using register_tick_function/declare("ticks"), but inside PHP7 i always get ticks only for lines i explicitly mentioned declare construction file in, which doesnt allow me to profile whole application as php5.6 and lower allowed me.

I tried to tamper with op_cache but didnt help to any avail.


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    douyi0219 douyi0219 2017-06-13 22:00

    It appears that the implementation of declare was a little buggy before PHP 7.0. The declare statement is only supposed to affect the file it is in, and therefore you must add declare(ticks=1) on each file. The existing usage was buggy and was "fixed" in PHP 7.0.

    After some research, it looks like there's a comment on this in the register_tick_function documentation

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