2016-09-10 14:43
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Im currently struggeling with timestamps. I have Googled for a simple answer for this, but cant find any solution for my problem. I want to convert user input into UNIX time. The user inputs for example "26/03/1982", how do I convert this input into UNIX timestamp?

//User input
$birthday = "26/03/1982"; // d/m/y
$birthday = [CONVERTED TO UNIX]

Short and simple question. I will add more if you'd like. Thanks.


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  • PHP-MYSQL:将Unix时间戳转换为DateTime,反之亦然 \ n 5 answers

    我目前正在使用时间戳。 我用谷歌搜索了一个简单的答案,但无法找到解决我问题的方法。 我想将用户输入转换为UNIX时间。 用户输入例如“26/03/1982”,如何将此输入转换为UNIX时间戳?

     $ birthday =“26/03  / 1982" ;  // d / m / y 
     $ birthday = [CONVERTED TO UNIX] 

    简短的问题。 如果你愿意,我会添加更多。 谢谢。

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  • dongxingguo1978 2016-09-10 14:45

    Look into the PHP function strtotime:

    strtotime — Parse about any English textual datetime description into a Unix timestamp

    I'm not sure how well it handles / in dates, but replace them with - and it'll work.


    echo strtotime(str_replace("/","-","26/03/1982"));

    outputs 385977600 which is the Unix date for Fri, 26 Mar 1982

    You may need to set your date_default_timezone for this to work

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