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Is there is any possible way to populate my EditText boxes with the data that is saved in SQLite database. I search, try to learn and understand from many websites that how to get data that is already inserted in SQLite database and I can retrieve it from any activity and populate in required EditText. Please help how to insert data in SQLite and how to read and populate in EditText boxes. I will be thankful to you. Can anyone guide me that i got an error "MySQL is not responding or not getting data" when I establish connection to PHP and Android and get data from MySQL. How can I resolve this problem

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是否有任何方法可以使用保存的数据填充 EditText 框 在 SQLite 数据库中。 我搜索,尝试从许多网站学习和理解如何获取已经插入 SQLite 数据库的数据,我可以从任何活动中检索它并填充所需的 EditText 。 请帮助如何在 SQLite 中插入数据,以及如何在 EditText 框中读取和填充数据。 我会感激你的。 当我建立与 PHP 和Android的连接并从 MySQL <获取数据时,任何人都可以指导我错误“MySQL没有响应或没有获取数据” /代码>。 如何解决此问题

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