2012-11-03 15:17



photos[] is an array of photos names then,

foreach($photos as $key=>$value)
    @$blocks .= '<div><img src="'.$value.'" onload="img=this"><img src="remove.png" onclick=remove_image(img)></div>';

so when clicking on the remove icon for the first photo it works just fine, but the others shows this error:

ReferenceError: img is not defined

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  • dsa5233 dsa5233 9年前

    Thank you LukeGT, your answer is right, but I found it better to use jquery to handle it,




    to remove the whole div.

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  • duanquyong8164 duanquyong8164 9年前

    You should refresh page when clicked delete button.

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  • douying7289 douying7289 9年前

    The img variable is being stored globally, which means that it's getting overwritten each time a new image loads. You should instead assign the images unique ID's, and have their remove buttons remove the image by ID. For example:

    foreach($photos as $key=>$value)
        @$blocks .= '<div><img src="'.$value.'" id="img'.$key.'"><img src="remove.png" onclick=remove_image(document.getElementById("img'.$key.'"))></div>';

    (I'm not super familiar with PHP, so sorry if I made a syntax error somewhere)

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