2018-02-28 09:25
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PHP cURL字符串获取字符串某些部分之前和之后的所有内容

Im usin cURL to crabb some data from webpage. But as the data is array based, but the size changes and varies. Then i need to search for parts of string and want to get everyhting after the part til next comma.


Now here is the string. I would only like to have everything after {"id": til the first comma. So my output would be 2988001

Why i need the search criteria is because some times there are more variables and that messes up the order. Right now im using simple

$pieces = explode(",", $page);

And then just delete the rest with


There must be more elegant way to make this work.

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我用cURL从网页中删除一些数据。 但是由于数据是基于数组的,但是大小会发生变化而变化。 然后我需要搜索字符串的一部分,并希望在 part next next逗号之后得到每个字符。


现在这里是字符串。 我只希望在 {“id”之后拥有所有内容: til第一个逗号。 因此我的输出将是 2988001

为什么我需要搜索条件是因为有些时候有更多的变量并且会扰乱订单。 现在我正在使用简单的

  $ pieces = explode(“,”,$ page); 


  str_replace('{“id”:','',$ pieces [0]); 


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  • doudi4014 2018-02-28 09:36

    this is a json string, so you can simply do:

    $data = json_decode($string);
    echo $data->id;
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