2014-10-01 07:47
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Hi In My Application I have one form with date field.Now If I click the submit button I want to show Toast message already date exist in database.

Suppose today dates I was selected then next click the submit button I am displaying some values.Now If I selected same date I don't want to allow that date.Means One time that date I want to accept for next time means I don't want to allow to next page.

can anyone please help me.

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您好我的应用程序我有一个带有日期字段的表单。如果我单击提交按钮我要显​​示Toast 消息已存在于数据库中。

假设今天我选择了日期然后单击提交按钮我显示一些值。现在如果我选择了相同的日期我不想允许 date.Means下次我想接受的一次约会意味着我不想允许下一页。

任何人都可以帮助我。 < / DIV>

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  • duanpei8853 2014-10-01 08:02

    This is just concept. You just add one more filed in your table like date_selected. And put 0 as default. When the user will select the date then just update the 0 to 1 for that date. 0 Suppose,means not selected. 1 means selected.

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