2014-02-12 11:06
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php include不工作cordova android app

I have a index.php which is split into multiple modules like header.php, footer.php and when i use require method available in php i.e (require(header.php), require(footer.php)) it works fine in browsers and it's is not working when i converted it into android apk using cordova 3.0.0.

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我有一个index.php,它被分成多个模块,如header.php,footer.php和我使用的时候 php中提供的require方法ie(require(header.php),require(footer.php))它在浏览器中工作正常,当我使用cordova 3.0.0将其转换为android apk时它无效。

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  • dpv50040 2014-02-12 11:32

    They aren't related. You can't have server side code running on client.

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