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I am trying to get an Old Wordpress site up and running.

Here is what I have:

  • WAMP Server: everything is running, and up to date
  • Old Wordpress Site Folders
  • Old Wordpress Site Database

I have uploaded the old database to the newly installed phpmyadmin, and I have linked the database with the Wordpress Site Folders in the wp-config.php.

Everything is working the way it is supposed to EXCEPT the old Wordpress sites cannot be edited with wordpress.

I have also tried linking a new wordpress site with the old wordpress database and when I do that I get the wordpress install page. Even though wordpress is already installed.

I have also tried importing the old wordpress site to the new wordpress site, but a screen comes up saying "unexpected error, please visit the support forums" Which I did, but nothing was any use to me.

So, how do I get my old wordpress site to work with my newly installed wordpress?

*Side Note: I did go here: and I followed the instructions, but my Old Site is still not working properly.

Any help would be Appreciated.

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    dsfsdf5646 dsfsdf5646 2014-02-07 18:33

    If you have the original files and original database, that is the best approach to get it up and running. If you want to upgrade WordPress, first get it working with the old version, then do in-place upgrades (after backing up, of course). Some of the original plugins may not be compatible, though, so be mindful of that.

    If you're using a different domain name (e.g., localhost instead of then consider the steps given in Wordpress's guide to Changing the site URL. It would also be worth perusing Moving Wordpress.

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  • douke3335 douke3335 2014-02-13 23:21

    I Think you need to be sure that site url and home page url is correct in your old database if not edit it .

    check if you have errors in loading css files in firebug and if so check the urls used to locate the css files.

    try to rename the theme directory to force WordPress to use the default theme, this will help if the errors is theme related.

    try to provide more details about the following:

    • can you access site pages and if there any errors .
    • check wp-config.php and set debug to true and reload to see if there is any php errors.
    • can you access admin area with or without errors.
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  • duan48961411 duan48961411 2014-09-17 14:59

    I know this was a while back, but what I ended up doing was using wordpress's link to a phpscript that changes the database. To get it to work I replaced what the database was pointing to at the old wordpress site which was a different computer than mine and I pointed everything back to localhost.

    A link to the php script I used can be found here:

    *side note: DELETE the script when you are done.

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