2015-07-29 20:05
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I am recieving a JSON object into mongodb

$popular = $instagram->getPopularMedia();
$conn = new MongoClient('mongodb://localhost/?w=1');
$db = $conn->instagram;
$collection = $db->instagram1;

No errors and I can see the data in the collection

But when I google how to see the layout, the samples given don't seem to work for me.

var myvar = db.instagram1.findOne();
for (var key in myvar){print (key);}

mongo session output

I am a mongo n00b (mysql defector)

var_dump() output (raw object data)

how do I get a printout of the column headings and attributes associated with my imported JSON data? (the schema for the schemaless?)

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  • doushi1929 2015-07-29 20:39

    MongoDB schemaless aspect means that your data is also your "schema". That said the collection schema may change from one document to another.

    I did not tested it myself but this might help collection schema

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