2015-01-24 06:24
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I've a table on php form with search|---------|textfield connected to mysql database. What I want- If I entered some of text in search textfield it will show me records that contain this text automatically and when I click on that it will be selected. e.g-In patient table

name='Vilas Galave',
name='Ashok Galave'

And I entered search |Galave| it will show

'Vilas Galave'

'Ashok Galave'

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我在php表单上有一个表,其中包含 search | --------- | 连接到mysql数据库的文本字段。 我想要什么 - 如果我在搜索文本字段中输入了一些文本,它会自动显示包含该文本的记录,当我点击它时,它将被选中。 e.g- 在患者表中

  name ='Vilas Galave',
name ='Ashok Galave'

我 输入 搜索| Galave | 它将显示

 'Vilas Galave'
'Ashok Galave'
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  • dpjs2005 2015-01-24 06:32

    You should checkout the string comparison functions in mysql. For example you could use a query like this to display all rows that contains the text Ashok:

    SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE name LIKE '%Ashok%'
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