2012-08-02 08:29
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PHP pecl和当前finfo版本

i need to determine the filetype of an file with php (5.3.7), no matter what filenameextension is used.

On Linux OS system i would use read the first Bytes from a file to find out the exact file type.

I think this is possible in PHP by using finfo

The Point is: my Server is not connected to the Internet, so I have to download the finfo PECL extension manually.

All that i found was this website: where the current finfo version is from from November 2006.

There is also an hint "his package has been superseded". But superseded by what? If i take a look at this there is no information where i found this package.

The only thing i found there is "This extension is enabled by default as of PHP 5.3.0. " Does it mean, that this extension is part of every default >=PHP 5.3.0 installation? But if i try to use finfo commands, i get an Call to undefined function which looks like finfo is not installed, right?!

//Edit: by the way: i'm working on Linux, PHP 5.3.7

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  • drq9991 2012-08-02 11:29

    To answer my own question: I was on an wrong way for searching an new pecl file_info version. For Linux Systems there exits an PHP package, which contains that extension, like this: php5-fileinfo-5.3.6-75.1.x86_64.rpm (depending on your Linux Distribution and PH Version) To use fileinfo, you have install this package, like this:

    #rpm -ihv php5-fileinfo-5.3.6-75.1.x86_64.rpm

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