2014-09-26 22:05


I am seeking some suggestion to secure my password encoding. Here I wanted to mention that I don't want to use new password_hash() api and also dont want to migration of old password, If I used password_hash() api , I have to migrate my old user password, which is not gong to possible for now. SO here is my old approach.

function login() {
//the code of getting password from database.......I am skipping this part.....
    //User enter a password in the session as given_pass and expected_pass is the md5 generated hash password stored in database.
    return error('pass error');
return notice('pass success');

function Encode($text) {
    return md5(paramtr2Str("conf.cryptographykey").$text);  
    //cryptography key is a random generated string at the server side.

function Check($given_pass, $expected_pass) {
    return $expected == Encode($given_pass);

I think my Encode function is hackable and I want to give it some extra security by sticking with the original formatting.

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  • dsadsa123111 dsadsa123111 7年前

    You can encrypt the MD5 encrypted password with sha1(). You have to encrypt all users passwords (MD5 encrypted) with sha1() again in your database and in the login page check their password with this sha1(md5($password)) and compare it with you database.

    This will improve your site security quite lot but I'd recommend you to use password_hash() anyway.

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