2019-05-02 09:47
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I am getting a Link from a website using selenium and i have to goto these links and extract some other Info and return back and insert all the info in db. So I need help to open new tab instead of opening a new window so i can save all the values without loosing any data.

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我从使用selenium的网站获取链接,我必须转到这些链接并提取其他一些信息并返回 返回并在db中插入所有信息。 我需要帮助才能打开新选项卡而不是打开一个新窗口,这样我就可以保存所有值而不会丢失任何数据。

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  • doujiao3998 2019-05-02 09:53

    Using Javascript executor ,you could something like this :

    ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript("'"+url+"','_blank');");

    here URL is a variable, you can use your own URL.

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