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I have created content that goes through a database and accesses information to then display it in multiple test files. I want to migrate this over to a page on a wordpress website. I have created a custom page page-slug.php and have inserted code for the basic html part, which is working fine, however I am having trouble getting the other php files it needs to access recognized by the include statements. It is working perfect when I have all of the files just displaying the content on the test url. I just need it to access the files such as connect.php, query.php, etc. I have placed the files into the wordpress custom theme folder as well. I also need the file to reference a couple jquery files as well as my php ones.

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我创建了通过数据库访问信息然后在多个测试文件中显示的内容。 我想将其迁移到wordpress网站上的页面。 我已经创建了一个自定义页面页面slug.php,并已插入基本的html部分的代码,这是正常工作,但是我无法获取其他需要访问包含语句识别的php文件。 当我有所有文件只显示测试网址上的内容时,它工作正常。 我只需要它来访问connect.php,query.php等文件。我已将文件放入wordpress自定义主题文件夹中。 我还需要该文件来引用一些jquery文件以及我的php文件。

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