2017-11-13 06:37
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I have database where i have a column where multiple ids are saved in comma separated way. That ids are defined some other table . I am fetching the but i am getting result where there is single value (no comma)

i need all all the ids value fetched there definition from another table and show.

Is it possible in mysql query ?

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我有一个数据库,其中有一个列,其中以逗号分隔的方式保存多个ID。 那些ID是在其他表中定义的。 我正在获取但是我得到的结果是单值(没有逗号)



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  • dongye8110 2017-11-13 07:35

    Get first all id's,by column, and then explode it by comma,

    $explode = explode(',',$array->column);

    then using foreach pass the value to another table to get the row,

     foreach($explode as $single){
      // pass single id to query using where condition you can get row of that id.

    or you can also use subquery, do google am sure stack overflow gives better result.

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