2016-07-15 12:42
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I am making an android app, in which user will share the unique app link to his friends. and if his friend clicks on that link than he/she will be redirected to the play store or app store according to device. and when he/she installs the application then he/she should automatically added to the group of the person who sent the link.

i have successfully done with the creating links.

Thank you in advance

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我正在创建一个Android应用程序,用户将在其中分享与朋友的唯一应用程序链接。 如果他的朋友点击该链接,他/她将根据设备重定向到游戏商店或应用商店。 当他/她安装应用程序时,他/她应该自动添加到发送链接的人的组中。</ p>

我已成功完成创建链接。</ p>

提前感谢</ p> </ div>

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